Marc Schare for Worthington Board of Education




I include the concept of continuity on my campaign web site because I believe the district has done an amazing job in this area. To be sure, it isnít something you think about when you consider your Board of Education candidates or really, your school district in general, but it is a topic to which weíve devoted considerable time and energy in the last 5 years.


Think about this for a second. Just under half of our certified staff (teachers) has been newly hired since 2012. That is a remarkable statistic. In order for the district to continue to operate at such high levels, a lot of stuff that most of our parents and community donít think about had to go right.


       We had to hire the right people

       We had to offer mentoring programs that have proven to be successful

       We had to offer meaningful professional development to supplement their education

       We had to implement a standards-based curriculum and provide the tools to new teachers to allow that curriculum to be taught with fidelity


It should be noted that the reason for the influx of new teachers is because of reforms implemented by the State Teachers Retirement System. Essentially, any teacher with more than 30 years of experience that could possibly retire chose to do so because of the economic benefits of the pre-reform system.


In addition to doing all of that, our administrative team has also seen significant turnover since 2013. Indeed, the district has seen new instructional leaders in many of our elementary schools, new principals in both of our high schools and new Central Office staff including our Superintendent, Dr. Trent Bowers as well our assistant Superintendent and directors of elementary and secondary education, Patrick Callaghan and Neil Gupta.


Any organization that can replace half of its most talented professional staff and over half of its management and not miss a beat should be commended and while the Board of Education certainly cannot take credit for this work, I take pride as an incumbent school board member for exercising oversight of the process.


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