Marc Schare for Worthington Board of Education

Support Marcís Campaign



Thank you for your support. While I donít accept monetary contributions, I would be very grateful for your support in any of the following areas:


Literature Distribution in your community

Yard Signs

Host a coffee for me to meet you and your neighbors

Sign my petition to get me on the 2017 ballot


If you really, really want to contribute money, please consider making a donation to the Worthington Education Foundation. The WEF runs a competitive grant program where Worthington teachers submit proposals to fund new and creative projects and the WEF grant committee picks the projects they want to fund. If you are a believer if educational innovation, the WEF is helping our teachers make it happen.  If educational innovation isnít your thing, there are a wide variety of worthy causes and charities in our community, including:


The Worthington Food Pantry

Worthington AM or PM Rotary

Worthington Lions Club


And, of course, there are tons of booster clubs supporting your favorite athlete or sport, we have incredible theatre departments which you can support simply by attending a production and marching bands which you can check out for the price of admission to a football game. All of these organizations can make better use of your dollars than I could for a political campaign.