Marc Schare for Worthington Board of Education

Student Choice and Programming



My passion for offering students the maximum amount of choice and flexibility within the confines of a public school district has its roots in a belief that a “one size fits all” education will work for some kids, but not all kids. I believe we must provide schools that fit the kid, rather than shoehorning all children into cookie cutter elementary, middle and high schools. I also believe that particularly at the higher grades, all students need to find at least one “home” in their building, a place that they feel they belong.  For some students, that will be a co-curricular program like football, art, band or theatre. For others, it will be an academic pursuit like physics or computer science. In my three terms on Worthington’s BOE, I have consistently advocated for the formation of programming consistent with this philosophy. To be sure, Worthington has been doing some of this for decades. The Linworth Alternative Program just celebrated its 44 year anniversary and many of the now-adults would tell you that they found a home in that school. The Phoenix Alternative middle school just celebrated their 10 year anniversary.


In addition to finding a home, a philosophy of providing schools that fit the kid encompasses gifted kids as well as kids who need a little extra help. Our schools must embrace kids for whom English is not a primary language and kids at all points in the socio-economic spectrum. Here are some of the programs our district has put into place in the last few years.


The Phoenix Alternative Middle School

The Thomas Worthington Entrepreneurial Business Academy

The Worthington Estates “Leader in Me” program

The Worthington Kilbourne International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

Project Lead the Way and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)  programming

Blended Learning in Worthington Schools

The Worthington Academy


In a fourth term, I will continue to advocate for elementary, middle and high school programming that allows every child to reach their world-changing potential. For most kids, our traditional programs work great. For others, an alternative setting is appropriate. For still others, blended learning, credit flexibility or college credit plus will serve their needs.




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